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Amjo Corp has focused on the skin since we opened our doors in 1998. At this site you'll find a wide variety of High Tech Skin Care Products.

We carry:

The Deep Penetrating Light (Anti-Aging), The BeautySkin Red/Blue Acne Light from Dr. Kern, The Caribbean Sunbox Red/Blue LED Light Panel, Simple Face Tanners, UV Home Phototherapy Products, Woods Lights for Skin Inspection

Skin Care Technology has been with us for many years. We have been selling Ultraviolet phototherapy lamps and acne treatment lamps over the internet for over ten years. Our experience is second to none.
We welcome questions and challenges from our customers. If you're looking for help or information you can't find here, visit our contact page or email us at 

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Chris Cane

Skin Care Technolgy is our passion. If you need some help, just call us toll free at 877-289-2656, we are ready to help.


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